Christel & Warno's Dreamy Beach Engagement Shoot

March 1, 2018 Engagements

Christel & Warno wanted their pictures on the beach at Sea Point in Cape Town. It's a beautiful location with, and it has that epic tidal pool. The problem is that this beach is next to the busy city of Cape Town and is almost always packed with crowds of people escaping the city. 

It's no secret that I'm a morning person. Having a farmer as a dad, I had no choice (Thanks, Dad!). I understand, however, that most people are not, in fact, morning people. There is a reason we have the saying - The early bird catches the worm! 

When most people think of Golden Hour, they think of sunset. Did you know that there is a golden hour in the morning too? The light at sunrise is just as magical as sunset! And best of all the beaches and most locations are still completely crowd less! 

Honestly, sunrise is my favorite time to take pictures! And this shoot shows you why! Those pastel colors in the sky, the empty untouched beach, it was such a fun, relaxed shoot. The pictures speak for themselves. 

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