Monterey Bay Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Danieka Erasmus... 

I'm the owner and photographer of Picturist Photography, a wedding photography company based in Santa Cruz, California.

After spending a year in the Netherlands touring excellent Museums and hidden Art Galleries, I decided to study Fine Arts. This, in turn, led me to photography.

Growing in Apartheid South Africa, I remember the photographs that made the world see what was really happening in the country. The photo by Sam Nzima of Hector Pieterson, a schoolboy, shot and killed by police during the Soweto uprising changed my whole life. It showed just how powerful tool photography could be.

The Art Nouveau movement has always been one of my favorites. Works like Gustav Klimt's the kiss is timelessly beautiful and joyous. I wanted to create work like that!

"To give people pleasure in the things they must use, [and] to give people pleasure in the things they must make"  

This is how William Morris, one of the founders of Art Nouveau, described the movement's goal. Wedding photography is where I found this. It is the perfect blend of photojournalism and Fine Art!

I have been Capturing genuine, raw emotions while making creative, unique works of art since 2014 and could not imagine doing anything else!