Sunset, Love, and Paws: Audrey & Matthew's Santa Cruz Engagement staring their dog.

January 20, 2021 Spectacular Engagements

Our shoot at Santa Cruz's Hidden Beach began with capturing the charm of Audrey & Matthew's beloved dog, Laker. We seized the opportunity to snap some heartwarming shots with their fur baby before the beach adventures could get her too sandy and distracted. It was a delight watching her enjoy her moment in the spotlight, knowing she had a family member ready to take her on a lovely beach stroll afterward.

Hidden Beach in Santa Cruz holds a special place in Audrey & Matthew's hearts. This serene spot is a canvas of their cherished memories, dating back to their high school and college days. When choosing a location for your shoot, consider a place that echoes with your own love story – it adds a uniquely heartfelt dimension to every picture.

As the day progressed, we were blessed with a spectacular, colorful sunset that complemented Audrey & Matthew's outfits perfectly. If you're wondering how to pick the right outfits for your shoot, don't miss my style guide. The twilight hues created a magical backdrop, making every photo radiate with the couple's love and the day's joy

Photography outdoors, especially in the Bay Area, is a dance with nature. I was initially worried about the infamous fog, but luck was on our side. This shoot reminded me that whether it's diffusing harsh sunlight or adding a mystical feel to your shots, nature always plays a vital role. If you're planning an outdoor shoot, remember, a little flexibility can lead to unexpectedly beautiful results.

Wrapping up this beautiful day, I'm thrilled to share that Audrey & Matthew's engagement story was featured on The Knot's blog: How He Asked. Their journey from the sandy shores of Hidden Beach to their stunning wedding (check out their wedding blog post) is a tale of love celebrated and cherished. Their engagement shoot was not just about capturing moments, it was about storytelling and celebrating a beautiful chapter in their lives.