Bear Creek Love Story: Kim & Ben's Serene Forest Engagement

November 4, 2021 Spectacular Engagements

For couples seeking a forest setting that's both accessible and breathtaking, Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve in Los Gatos is the perfect spot. Just a short drive from San Jose, this preserve offers a stunningly diverse landscape. Right from the parking lot, an enchanting trail around Upper Lake awaits, offering a forest vibe without the need for a strenuous hike. It's a hidden jewel for those who love nature's tranquility with easy access.

The beauty of Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve is in its openness and variety. Light filters through the trees, creating a dance of shadows and highlights that's a dream for any photographer. The array of trees and the changing colors of the forest provide a vivid, dynamic backdrop. It’s a place where every shot captures the essence of nature's artistry, perfect for couples who want their love story framed by natural beauty.

Kim & Ben's choice of outfits for their shoot at Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve was spot-on. Their attire complemented the natural palette of the trees and lake, adding an extra layer of harmony to each photo. This shoot underscores the impact of thoughtful outfit selection – how the right colors and styles can enhance the connection between a couple and their surroundings. For more outfit inspiration, check out my post What to wear at your Engagement Shoot here.

Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve truly embodies the saying 'seeing the forest for the trees.' The expansive view of the forest in the background creates a sense of being enveloped in a green haven. For Kim & Ben, it was like stepping into a fairy tale, surrounded by nature's grandeur. This location is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in a forest setting, making it a superb choice for engagement photos that capture the magic of love and nature intertwined. Check out the rest of their engagement shoot photos where we hike up the Alma and Redwood Springs Loop here.