What to wear at your Engagement Shoot

August 25, 2021 Best Tips

This is a question I get asked a lot. Engagement photos are often used in invites or websites, and you want to make sure you look your best in them. The location of your engagement shoot will have a significant influence on what you ultimately choose to wear. It is crucial to work with your photographer to decide a place for your engagement shoot and get advice on planning your and your fiancee's outfits.

I suggest that all of my couples follow one of these two principles: Either a Complimentary Color pallete or a Cohesive Color palette. Following one of these principles will help plan both ladies' and men's outfits not just for your engagement shoot but for any event.

The Cohesive Color Palette

These are colors that are very similar to each other. I suggest wearing colors that are found in the environment. This is where choosing your location comes in. 

For example, Ryan and Nataly's blue and yellow outfits in the image below. The blue and white of his shirt are similar to that of the sky and ocean. While his Khaki pants and her yellow dress are similar to the warm sand on the beach.

The Complementary Color Palette 

These are colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. They make each other stand out and pop. Again this will depend on the location of your engagement shoot.

For example, Olivia & John's Burgandy outfits in the image below. Their engagement shoot was in the forest, which is mainly green. Green and Red are complimentary colors. The burgundy in their outfits and greens of the trees and shrubbery in the forest complement each other beautifully.

Patterns vs. Solid Colors.

Some suggest avoiding strong patterns or bold colors and sticking to neutrals and solid colors. The reason being is that patterns will distract and pull your eyes away from the couple's faces and expressions. In the example above of Andrew and Samantha, your eyes first focus on their facial expressions, and you barely notice their outfits.

But rules are meant to be broken, in my opinion, at least. I love the colorful and bold pattern of Kate's dress in the example above. Following a Cohesive color palette, this outfit still looks great!

A few more tips when planning your outfit:

  1. Wear well-fitted clothing and avoid loose-fitting clothing. A well-fitted shirt will make your figure, regardless of your size, look its best. (I'm looking at you men, who always love wearing those oversized shirts.)
  2. Ask for each other's opinion and 'approve' each other's outfit. This will also make you feel good and excited about your shoot.
  3. Be practical! Keep in mind the location of your shoot and check the weather forecast. If you need to bring a warm sweater or comfy shoes to change into, please do. My assistant can carry around your stuff. 

Let's Plan your engagement Session!