6 Must-Know Tips for a Stress-Free and Picture-Perfect Wedding Morning

January 31, 2023 Best Tips

As a wedding photographer, I've been part of countless wedding mornings and seen it all. From the chaos of a disorganized getting-ready room to the beauty of a well-planned and stress-free morning, I know what makes a difference. That's why I've put together these six essential tips to help ensure that your wedding morning is as stunning as the rest of your big day.

1. Have all the details ready

Before your big day, ensure you have all the details organized. This includes your dress, shoes, jewelry, and any other items needed for hair and makeup. Having everything ready and in one spot saves time and reduces stress on your wedding day. It also allows your photographer to easily capture all your important details in one location. (You can even ask your florist for floral scraps if you want your photographer to do flat lays)

2. Schedule enough time for hair and makeup

Make sure you have enough time for hair and makeup. This is especially important if you have a large bridal party. Schedule an extra 30 minutes to an hour for any unexpected delays.

3. Make sure the room is picture-perfect

As a wedding photographer, I've seen my fair share of getting ready rooms. Trust me, you want to make sure both your spaces are looking their best before we start snapping those getting-ready shots. If you're lucky enough to have a stunning hotel room or Airbnb with gorgeous natural light, let's make sure it's all spick and span before we start. The getting ready portion of your day is a big part of the story, so let's make sure it looks its best!

4. Ask your photographer about the best lighting for getting ready

Consult your photographer for the best location to get dressed and put on your shoes. They have the expertise to suggest areas with ideal lighting, such as near a window for stunning natural light. I may suggest opening the curtains or turning on a lamp. Be sure to ask me for my advice.

5. Include Immediate Family for Emotional Moments, but Keep the Getting Ready Room Intimate

Having immediate family members present during the getting ready process can add special and emotional moments to your wedding day. They can also assist with holding your dress, veil, and other items. However, it's important to keep the getting-ready room intimate and not overcrowded. Too many people can bring clutter and add extra stress. Stick to a smaller group of close family or friends to maintain a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


Make sure your wedding dress is displayed on a stylish hanger that enhances its beauty. A beautiful hanger can make all the difference in your getting-ready photos. While many nice hotels offer wooden hangers, not all do. I carry an extra wooden hanger in my bag, but it's always better to be prepared. If you want your dress and all your bridesmaids' dresses photographed together, make sure you have enough hangers for them and plan time for this.

By following these 6 tips for brides, you can ensure that your wedding morning is calm, organized, and full of beautiful moments. These tips, combined with the expertise of a professional wedding photographer, will result in stunning getting-ready photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime. So, take control of your wedding day and make the most of every moment. If you're looking for a wedding photographer who is passionate about capturing every detail of your big day, look no further. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you create lasting memories on your wedding day.