Sunrise Splendor: Nataly & Ryan's Sutro Baths Engagement in San Francisco

July 31, 2020 Spectacular Engagements

There’s something truly magical about the city of San Francisco at sunrise, and Nataly & Ryan’s engagement session at Sutro Baths captured this enchantment perfectly. As we arrived in the early hours, the city was just starting to stir, giving us a peaceful backdrop to their love story. Sutro Baths, with its rich history and stunning ruins, was an ideal setting. The early morning light, combined with the overcast sky, created a beautiful, soft ambiance that highlighted the genuine connection between Nataly and Ryan.

Ryan and Nataly in her yellow dress walking along the beach at sunrise under moody sky.
Engagement picture on the beach in San Francisco.
Engagement picture on the beach in San Francisco.
Engagement picture on the beach in San Francisco.

Ryan has a wonderful way of making Nataly laugh, and it’s clear in every photo how much they adore each other. Nataly’s vibrant yellow dress added a pop of color and joy to the serene setting of Sutro Baths. It's these little details, like a brightly colored dress against the historical backdrop of the Baths, that make an engagement shoot truly stand out. Their interaction was natural and full of love, making my job as a photographer not only easy but incredibly enjoyable.

Moody purple skies with Nataly in her bright yellow dress and Ryan standing on the edge of the ruins.

Sutro Baths is more than just a location; it's a journey through time and nature right in the heart of San Francisco. The reflections in the water around the ruins provided us with a playground of light and shadow, allowing for creative and unique photography. The meandering paths and the intriguing ruins themselves offered endless opportunities for capturing intimate moments. This spot is a treasure for photographers and couples alike, providing a blend of nature, history, and urban elegance.

Ryan making Nataly laugh.
Nataly in her bright yellow dress touching heads with Ryan underneath the trees.
Nataly in her yellow dress and Ryan in a blue and white checker shirt smiling.

As the sun rose over San Francisco, marking the end of our session, we all felt a sense of excitement for what's to come. Nataly & Ryan’s wedding at the Seascape Golf Club promises to be an extraordinary event, especially with the incorporation of Nataly's Latina heritage, including a mariachi band during the cocktail hour. For a sneak peek into their wedding and more of their love story, check out their minimony blog post here.