Los Gatos Engagement: Olivia & John adeventuring in Castle Rock State Park

December 6, 2019 Spectacular Engagements

Olivia & John’s engagement session at Castle Rock State Park, just outside San Jose, was a delightful blend of romance and adventure. This forested wonderland, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, offers a stunning array of natural scenery. From the lush greenery to the uniquely sculpted sandstone formations, every corner of this park whispered a story of love and adventure. It’s a paradise for couples who yearn for a mix of forest vibes and scenic views, wrapped in the thrill of exploration.

As we ventured through the park, it was clear why Olivia & John chose this location for their engagement photos. The park's enchanting forests, quaint bridges, and impressive rock faces provided a diverse and captivating backdrop. Their adventurous spirits shone brightly as they climbed rocks and hiked through the woods, adding a dynamic and joyful energy to each photo. This location is a dream for couples seeking a touch of adventure in their engagement shoot.

The highlight of Castle Rock State Park is undoubtedly the breathtaking views from the high ridges. For Olivia & John, the climb to these vistas was not just a hike; it was a journey symbolizing their path together, filled with beauty, challenges, and triumphs. The panoramic views from the top, showcasing the majesty of the Santa Cruz Mountains, provided a spectacular backdrop, illustrating the grandeur of their love story.

This engagement shoot was just the beginning of Olivia & John’s photographic journey. Their upcoming wedding at the Barns at Cooper Molera in Monterey, which can be seen here, promises to be another beautiful chapter in their story. Castle Rock State Park, with its diverse landscapes and adventurous trails, was the perfect prelude to their wedding, encapsulating their love for nature and each other.