Timeless Love at Wilder Ranch: Sarah & Jordy's Santa Cruz Engagement

November 20, 2021 Spectacular Engagements

Sarah's connection to Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz goes back to her childhood, making it a deeply personal choice for their engagement shoot. This historic site, known for its captivating farmhouses and scenic landscapes, provided a nostalgic backdrop that resonated with both Sarah and Jordy. As we wandered through the vibrant architecture of the old farmhouses and buildings, each photo captured a piece of Sarah's past, beautifully intertwined with their present love story.

In preparation for the shoot, Sarah and Jordy opted for neutral clothing, a choice that complemented the ranch's colorful surroundings. This smart wardrobe decision allowed the couple to stand out against the vivid backdrops without overpowering the natural beauty of the ranch. For couples wondering what to wear for their engagement shoot, this is a perfect example of how neutral tones can work wonders in a vibrant setting. Check out my blog post on What to Wear to Your Engagement Shoot for more tips.

As we explored Wilder Ranch, every corner presented a new opportunity for stunning photos. From the intricate details of the farmhouses to the expansive views of the ranch, the diversity of the location offered endless possibilities. The variety of scenes at Wilder Ranch meant that Sarah and Jordy's engagement photos were not just images, but stories captured in time, each with its own character and mood.

The rustic stables at Wilder Ranch brought a unique charm to their engagement session. With their weathered wood and timeless appeal, these structures offered a stark, yet beautiful contrast to the couple's modern relationship. Sarah's fond childhood memories of the ranch added an extra layer of sentiment to every shot, creating a perfect blend of past and present. The stables, a symbol of tradition and enduring strength, mirrored the enduring qualities of their relationship.

As the engagement session at Wilder Ranch came to a close, the excitement for Sarah & Jordy’s upcoming wedding at Hollins House in Santa Cruz only grew. The thought of capturing their wedding day, set against another beautiful Santa Cruz backdrop, fills me with anticipation. Their journey from the rustic charm of Wilder Ranch to the elegant setting of Hollins House is a journey I am thrilled to document.