Pacifica's Coastal Charm: Melanie & Eric's Mori Point Engagement

April 9, 2022 Spectacular Engagements

Melanie & Eric's engagement shoot at Mori Point in Pacifica was nothing short of magical. This stunning location, a stone's throw from San Francisco, was their go-to spot for walks and naturally became the perfect setting for their photos. Amidst the vibrant hues of spring's wildflowers and the dramatic cliffs, we captured moments of their love story. Mori Point's ease of access and its diverse backdrops make it an ideal choice for couples looking for beauty and convenience in one.

The typical Bay Area fog graced us with its presence, adding a unique, ethereal quality to Melanie & Eric's photos. Melanie wisely brought a warm coat, allowing us to take breaks and stay comfortable during this chilly, foggy day. But, as a photographer, I adore how fog can transform the light, creating soft, dreamlike images. The yellow wildflowers in bloom were an added bonus, enhancing the shoot with their bright, cheerful presence.

Melanie & Eric's outfits, chosen with guidance from my what-to-wear tips, were spot-on for this shoot. Melanie's decision to style her hair in a beautiful braid was brilliant, ensuring the windy conditions wouldn't hinder our shoot. Their choices exemplify how small details can have a big impact on your engagement photos, from wardrobes that complement the setting to practical yet stylish hairdos.

This engagement shoot was just the beginning of Melanie & Eric's photographic journey with me. Their wedding at the Botanical Gardens, which you can see here, was another highlight. Mori Point set the stage for this beautiful chapter in their lives, showcasing why spring is my favorite season for engagement shoots. The blend of natural beauty, stunning scenery, and personal touches make every shoot here unique and memorable.