Wilder Ranch Wonders: Capturing Carolita & Kyler's Coastal Engagement

January 21, 2020 Spectacular Engagements

Carolita and Kyler, with their hearts set on a small wedding amidst the redwoods of Santa Cruz, chose the picturesque cliffs of Wilder Ranch for their engagement session. This location, known for its stunning coastal views, provided the perfect contrast to their upcoming forest ceremony. As we strolled down the path to the cliffs, surrounded by native flora and the vast Pacific Ocean, every step seemed to bring us closer to capturing the essence of their love – serene, natural, and beautifully profound.

The cliffs near Wilder Ranch, just a short walk from the park's historic buildings, offered an enchanting backdrop for our shoot. The calm day was our ally, allowing us to explore the cliffs' edge and capture the sweeping views of the ocean below. The tranquility of the setting mirrored Carolita and Kyler's own peaceful and deep connection, making every photo a testament to their bond and the natural splendor of Santa Cruz.

As the sun began to set, it cast a golden glow over the cliffs, creating a magical atmosphere. This perfect lighting condition highlighted Carolita and Kyler's affection for each other, their smiles shining as brightly as the sun's last rays. The golden hour at Wilder Ranch is truly a photographer's dream, providing a naturally romantic setting that's hard to replicate.

Carolita & Kyler's engagement session was just the beginning of their beautiful journey together. The cliffs of Wilder Ranch set the stage for their intimate Santa Cruz elopement amidst the majestic redwoods. To see the continuation of their love story and the enchanting simplicity of their forest wedding, click here to view their wedding photos.