Seaside Romance: Devon & Nick's Santa Cruz Engagement at New Brighton

December 30, 2019 Spectacular Engagements

While Devon & Nick now call Los Angeles home, their roots in Santa Cruz made New Brighton State Beach the perfect spot for their engagement photos. We took advantage of their Thanksgiving visit to capture some special moments. Despite the chill in the air and the busy holiday schedule that ruled out a sunset shoot, we found that any time of day can be perfect for photography with the right couple and setting. There’s something about the cool, crisp air of a fall day by the beach that brings a fresh and invigorating energy to a shoot.

One of the advantages of shooting in the fall is the stunning display of colorful leaves, adding a vibrant backdrop to our photos. The trees at New Brighton State Beach were still adorned with autumn hues, creating a beautiful contrast against the beach's sandy shores. This natural tapestry of colors brought an extra layer of depth and romance to Devon & Nick's engagement photos, showcasing the beauty of Santa Cruz in the fall.

As a local, I might be a bit biased, but New Brighton State Beach is one of my favorite spots in Santa Cruz – and not just because it's within walking distance from my home! The beach is nestled beneath forested bluffs, offering a unique mix of natural beauty with its campground, hiking trails, and sweeping views of Monterey Bay. For Devon and Nick, this familiar and beloved setting added a personal touch to their engagement photos, capturing their essence and connection in a place that holds special meaning.

This shoot with Devon & Nick was a lovely reminder that great photography isn't limited to the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Although those times offer a magical light, there's a unique charm in embracing the natural light of any moment. As we wandered the beach and explored the trails, every photo captured the genuine joy and love between Devon & Nick. It's moments like these that inspire me as a photographer – finding and capturing the beauty of love in all conditions and times.