Romantic Beach Sunset in Santa Cruz: Nichole & Johnny's Natural Bridges Engagement

November 19, 2023 Spectacular Engagements

Every photography session has its own story, and Nichole & Johnny's sunset shoot at Natural Bridges State Park was no exception. Initially aiming for the windy shores of Four Mile Beach, we spontaneously switched to the iconic Natural Bridges. This last-minute change proved serendipitous, offering us a stunning and less crowded backdrop. Sometimes, the unexpected turns lead to the most memorable moments, and this was certainly one of those times.

Natural Bridges, known for its breathtaking rock arch, provided us with a picturesque setting as the sun dipped below the horizon. The cooler weather and brisk winds had cleared the beach, gifting us a more intimate atmosphere for the shoot. Nichole and Johnny's vibrant energy and enthusiasm truly shone through, complementing the majestic scenery around us. Their connection was as evident as the natural beauty of this popular Santa Cruz beach.

Despite the cooler temperatures, Nichole's preparation with a warm jacket, and our occasional warm-up breaks, kept the shoot comfortable and lively. Their adventurous spirit was infectious, making the session not just a photo shoot, but a fun and memorable experience. The varying tide allowed us to explore different perspectives, capturing cliff-like scenes and showcasing the dynamic landscape of Natural Bridges.

There's nothing quite like sunset light for photos, and this shoot was no exception. As the sun dipped closer to the horizon, it bathed everything in this incredible, soft golden light. It's my absolute favorite time to shoot because it just makes everything look so romantic and dreamy. Nichole and Johnny really got into the vibe, too. The way the light played off their smiles and the warm glow around them – it was just perfect. This is why I always tell my couples: if we can, let's aim for that sunset magic. It really does add that extra bit of romance to your photos.

As we wrapped up this beautiful beach engagement, I'm already excited about capturing Nichole & Johnny's wedding next year at Roaring Camp in Felton. Their journey from the grassy fields of Twin Gates Loop to the sandy shores of Natural Bridges has been nothing short of magical. For more of their love story, don't forget to check out their engagement photos at Twin Gates Loop here.