Embracing Boho Charm: Carrie & Paul's Unique Santa Cruz Engagement Session.

September 24, 2019 Spectacular Engagements

When Carrie, whose daughter goes to the same school as my son, approached me for her engagement shoot with Paul, I knew we were in for something special. They envisioned a dreamy boho-themed session, and what better place to bring this vision to life than the charming Twin Gates Loop near UCSC? As we stepped into this grassy haven bathed in golden hour light, the scene couldn't have been more perfect for those boho vibes. Santa Cruz, with its natural beauty and laid-back charm, was the ideal backdrop for their love story.

Carrie's tie-dye dress was the epitome of Santa Cruz style – bohemian, relaxed, and absolutely chic. And Paul, with his guitar in hand, added a personal and musical touch to the shoot. There's something about incorporating meaningful props, like a guitar, that really personalizes an engagement session. As Paul strummed some tunes, their connection and the joyful atmosphere were palpable, creating truly authentic and heartfelt moments.

A great tip for anyone planning their engagement session: don't forget to ask for individual photos! Looking your best during these shoots provides the perfect opportunity for stunning solo portraits – think of it as a chance to update your profile picture with style. Both Carrie and Paul embraced this idea, and the results were fantastic. It's these little details that add depth and variety to your engagement album.

Our shoot wasn't just confined to the open fields; we also explored under the twisting branches of a majestic oak tree. Carrie perched comfortably on one of the large branches, adding a whimsical touch to our session. This variety of backdrops – from the sunlit field to the shaded oak – provided a rich tapestry of settings that truly showcased their personalities and love. It's shoots like this, full of laughter, love, and unique moments, that remind me why I adore engagement photography.