Valencia Hall, Santa Cruz Elopement | Adam & Sommer

August 5, 2020 Wonderful Elopements

Sommer & Adam have been together so long they might as well be married. They have a cute little 18-month-old and the sweetest little dog, who looks and acts a bit like a black fox. Sommer phoned me two weeks before the date of their Elopement. They had decided that it was finally time they officially tied the knot. 

Bride in long sleeve wedding dress with groom in blue suit.
Bride and groom kissing with redwood trees in the background.
Bride in long sleeve wedding dress and groom in blue suit with redwood trees in the background.

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is that every project, every couple, and every wedding is unique. Sommer and Adam had planned a short and sweet Elopement at Valencia Hall. 

Valencia Hall is a bit of a community landmark in Aptos, California. With big storms every other year, it seems there are always road closures that force locals to commute the long way round and past this lovely little venue in the heart of the Redwood forest.

Valencia Hall an intimate wedding venue in Aptos.
detail of Valencia Hall's doors
detail of purple flowers
Valencia Hall is a small white building surrounded by trees.

Sommer and Adam's Elopement was short and sweet just the way they wanted it. It was only their immediate family and their adorable little dog!  They celebrated with a glass of champagne and cupcakes. Congratulations, Sommer & Adam, on finally tying the knot as only real Santa Cruz locals can! 

Groom in blue suit looking at bride
Bride's 2 year old son walking around during the cereomy
Bride in long sleeve wedding dress looking at groom during ceremony
Detail of bride and groom holding hands and the brides bright red bouquet tied with a blue ribbon.