5 Tips for Brides

Here are a few tips I always give my clients here in Monterey and Santa Cruz to ensure beautiful images of them as they prepare for their big day.

1. Have All the Details Ready

The bride should have all the details (dress, rings, shoes, etc.) in one spot. Having all of these items together allows me to easily photograph all of your important details in one place instead of having to gather the items from separate locations.


Most of the time, when things run late, it's because hair & makeup don't have enough time. Always schedule some extra time for hair and makeup! No one wants to feel rushed on their wedding day.


Keep both the bride's and the groom's room clean and have the space made by the hotel staff before the photo starts time. This helps eliminate having any obtrusive objects in the background or taking time away from my artistry to tidy up.

4. Have Immediate Family Around

This is an excellent opportunity to get some intimate pictures with your parents or your siblings. This is also a great time to have a "first look" between the bride and her mother and father.

5. Use a Nice Hanger

Have a nice hanger for the wedding dress so that your dress won't have to be displayed on a less-than-beautiful, default plastic hanger. Many nice hotels have wooden hangers for me to use, but some don't. It's always better to be prepared.

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