West Cliff, Santa Cruz | The Hendrix Family

December 17, 2019

Meet the Hendrix family, probably the nicest, most down to ear people you will ever meet! 

Our kids go to school together, and so Sara and I set up a playdate for our kids, but it turns out we like to hang out together just as much, if not more, than our kids. Pre-pandemic, we enjoyed having dinner parties or hanging out at the beach together. 

Kids pulling funny faces at each other on Santa Cruz cliffs at sunset

Philip and Sara are two brilliant people. They are so fun to hang out with that it's easy to forget just how intelligent they are. They are the kind of people with who you can have high-level conversations with and at the same time talk about this new online store where you can buy kid's clothes without tags. You know the usual stuff. 

Philip giving Sara a kiss on the cheek while on the Santa Cruz cliffs at sunset.
Engaged couple sharing a look on the Santa Cruz cliffs at sunset.
Philip giving Sara another kiss on the cheek while on the Westside cliffs.

So Sara and Philip bought a gift voucher I donated to our kid's school fundraiser, and that is how we ended up doing this shoot. Whether it's contributing to our children's school or volunteering at a COVID vaccination site, that is just the kind of people they are.

Sara looking at Philip in the greenery of the aqua garden just off of West Cliff.

They wanted some nice pictures of them but also a few with the kids. We also wanted to do it somewhere close to their home. We ended up deciding on the beach we walk down to with the kids after dinner on Westcliff. There is also a lovely little Aqua garden along this path that our kids love. Not to mention all the remarkable trees to climb. It wasn't just some random location but somewhere meaningful to them.

The Hendrix Children smiling up in a tree climbed near the aqua garden
Brother and sister hugging and pulling silly faces.

I would happily take pictures of this sweet family again any time. Except my kids were jealous that they couldn't come along on what they called 'my playdate' with the Hendrix family.

Hendrix family walking along West Cliff drive in Santa Cruz at sunset

I look forward to having dinners and playdates again soon with our favorite family!