Redwood Forest Wedding | Megan & Carl

March 30, 2022

Megan and Carl's wedding had everything you could wish for in an intimate Santa Cruz redwood forest wedding. From magical first looks and portraits to a serene ceremony in a fairy circle with the Soquel Creek flowing in the background. 

A fairy ring is a common name for a group of redwood trees growing in a circle, usually around the stump of a logged old-growth tree. After being cut down, a new generation of trees sprout from the roots of the fallen redwood, often creating a near-perfect circle or ring. This makes for the perfect ceremony spot. All the while, the Soquel creek is flowing peacefully in the background.

Of course, we had to head down to the creek for a few photos. Winters are pretty chili up here in the Bay Area, but the cold is worth it with the lush greenery and flowing rivers! Sunset in the forest means you get those dreamy sunbeams coming in through the trees and the most beautiful light for your wedding photos!

Megan and Carl had the fantastic idea of wearing white converse sneakers with their names and their wedding date on them. They are super comfy for trudging around in the muddy forest, but they also make a great keepsake, all covered in mud.

This old family cabin made from wood was the most romantic wedding reception setting. It was perfect for the cold Santa Cruz winter evening with its cozy fire.