Andrew & Samantha's Intimate DIY Backyard Wedding

October 31, 2019 Weddings

Andrew & I actually met at church. He is a great guy, and I'm so happy that he has found Samantha. They are both kind, open-minded people who lift others up. Not being one for big celebrations, they opted for an intimate wedding with just their closest family & friends.

They both agreed that Samantha's parent's backyard was the perfect place to have their celebration. Choosing to have their ceremony under the tree, Samantha grew up playing in.

Samantha & her mom scoured all the goodwill stores in Santa Cruz to find the beautiful colorful glasses, dinnerware, and candlesticks. Andrew and his new father-in-law made the table together just for the occasion. Samantha & her mom DIY'ed the flowers together as well.

“With an intimate family wedding of twelve people, we knew that whoever we hired as a photographer would need to be someone who would honor and weave themselves into the celebration. Danieka was even more than we could have ever dreamed. Not only did she mesh so well with our families, but she also was a stealthy magician blending in without anyone noticing. Her lifestyle art of capturing our day was exactly what we had in mind.”

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